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The Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research is an academic journal issued by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies. The aim of this journal is to disseminate serious studies based on theoretical and field research, and to promote multidisciplinary studies in human development, management and education for specialized research and become a leading journal in human development and education in the world. The Journal also aims at publishing theoretical and applied researches in the fields of human development and education for specialized research such as human resources management, business administration, communication sciences, development studies, economic sciences, education sciences, history, industrial relations, media sciences, psychology, Public administration, religious studies and others.



Foreign companies occupy an important position in international economic activity. With globalization and liberalization, these companies have the potential to compete internationally by expanding production to control the largest part of the market. These companies vary in their long-term strategies, so they become viable, viable and competitive. The other companies are planning their future and their success in survival and competition in the extent of their consideration and attention to society and service in the framework of what is known as social responsibility, where today became one of the objectives of these companies as a unit of society in the framework of social contract between the community on the one hand and these companies on the other, The correlation is clear through the social responsibility standards that govern the activity of these companies.

To address the issue, the central question was to what extent could adoption of CSR standards affect the process of foreign companies operating in the receiving countries? This study aims at showing the economic performance of foreign companies by studying the role played by social responsibility through its standards in guiding the activities of foreign companies and pushing them towards good performance in the receiving countries by taking into account the social and environmental dimensions as the most important determinants of their activities in these countries. The methodology used in this study was descriptive analytical approach, in which we seek to answer the most important elements of the problem, and the methodology of the case study by reviewing the eyesight of the social performance of some foreign companies in Algeria, where we find that the eyes of the foreign companies studied seek as much as possible for social commitment In order to ensure that they remain in a competitive position in the market.

Keywords: social responsibility, social performance, foreign companies, standards of ISO 26000, receiving States.