Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research

About the Journal :

The Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research is an academic journal issued by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies. The aim of this journal is to disseminate serious studies based on theoretical and field research, and to promote multidisciplinary studies in human development, management and education for specialized research and become a leading journal in human development and education in the world. The Journal also aims at publishing theoretical and applied researches in the fields of human development and education for specialized research such as human resources management, business administration, communication sciences, development studies, economic sciences, education sciences, history, industrial relations, media sciences, psychology, Public administration, religious studies and others.


Human development is a process of expanding the educational, as the reaches for his effort and the efforts of others to higher levels of production, income and lives next to a long and healthy human capacity development by providing convenient opportunities for education and increasing expertise.

From here, we decided to have our research subject of human development and education, where is the approach government is primarily interested in improving the quality of human resources in the community, and among the most important human development factors, we find the educational situation where that education in all his ways, and at all levels can not succeed in isolation from development the capabilities of those who support it.

According, we are trying to address in our intervention the subject of the importance of education in human development ,where we show the need of human development to invest in human capacity, and we are trying to answer the extent guaranteed by using those capabilities to the benefit of all and the self, and the extent of extent of elevating human development through education to higher levels human civilization.