Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research

About the Journal :

The Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research is an academic journal issued by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies. The aim of this journal is to disseminate serious studies based on theoretical and field research, and to promote multidisciplinary studies in human development, management and education for specialized research and become a leading journal in human development and education in the world. The Journal also aims at publishing theoretical and applied researches in the fields of human development and education for specialized research such as human resources management, business administration, communication sciences, development studies, economic sciences, education sciences, history, industrial relations, media sciences, psychology, Public administration, religious studies and others.


This research aims to highlight the reality of sustainable development in Algeria; the latter has become a constant challenge for many countries and international organizations and bodies, especially with the exacerbation of the crises of hunger and poverty and the increase in rural migration rates towards cities. Future policies allow current generations to satisfy their desires without risking the ability of future generations to meet their needs. When we focus on sustainable development, we ask a direct question: how to transfer capabilities and wealth from generation to generation? How do you ensure the capabilities of any generation? And therefore we are waiting for sustainable growth that protects all resources and preserves the capabilities of any generation. It is easy to transfer them to another generation through the use of solid and stable foundations that allow the social, economic and environmental stability of the peoples. Sustainable development based on the development of science and the exploitation of resources and their transfer to future generations and benefit from the experiences of countries successful in this area.

Keywords: sustainable development, dimensions, investments, sustainable new energy.