Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research

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The Journal of Human Development and Education for Specialized Research is an academic journal issued by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies. The aim of this journal is to disseminate serious studies based on theoretical and field research, and to promote multidisciplinary studies in human development, management and education for specialized research and become a leading journal in human development and education in the world. The Journal also aims at publishing theoretical and applied researches in the fields of human development and education for specialized research such as human resources management, business administration, communication sciences, development studies, economic sciences, education sciences, history, industrial relations, media sciences, psychology, Public administration, religious studies and others.


Abstract: Since ancient times, Bahraini society has been distinguished by its cultural and social diversity, and that diversity reflects a strong social reality from which the elements of strength were drawn from behind this diversity, and a society prevailed of cohesion and intimacy between the various sects in light of the diversity of their religious beliefs, contrary to what some societies witness in internal conflicts and wars Eligibility and supremacy of the largest number over religious or ethnic minorities. Bahrain has drawn a number of internal practices at the governmental and private levels, which have been implemented on the ground, which has made it an affliction of developed countries in the field of social contract and coexistence in light of the existence of major differences within society. Belief and belief, in addition to the establishment of many institutions that support pluralism and pluralism in establishing peace and security there, have made this a unique model in the Arab world that can be emulated .

Keywords: Tolerance ،Coexistence ،Religious pluralism .