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Because Arabic has its own global, cultural, knowledge legacy; it is not in isolation from development and the desired economic horizon. It is compulsory that Arab experts and those interested in information and electronic engineering continue making efforts through their pioneering initiatives at the end of the twentieth century in order to adapt Arabic to computation. So, They focused on preparing computer programs that develop new visions to incorporate the contents of Arabic into electronic media and Internet networks.

 However, these pioneering geometrically and technologically did not reach the wanted level in comparison with the Latin digital achievement, especially the outstanding English content. And that goes to several reasons which will be addressed in this study by means of strategies that intensify efforts to include Arabic in the World Trade Organization and take advantage of its language stock in the era of knowledge, economy, and digitization; also, they enhance the role of interested Arab researchers to create encyclopedic electronic dictionaries, language atlases, additional application documents and powerful Arabic search engines.

 This study made use of the descriptive analytical approach by the description of the reality of Arabic within the current digital content, by the analysis of its data and challenges, by the prospect of a wide spread of Arabic in the electronic media and the Web, and by the presentation of its rising role on the ladder of knowledge economy.

Keywords :The digitalization-  arabic - the knowledge – economy.